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Amie's Reviews: 


  "I had my first 60 min Swedish massage by Amie. She is very courteous and professional. I suffer from MS and was pleased to find out that Amie is very knowledgeable concerning MS and has experience dealing with sufferers of that ailment. I expect to have at least a few more treatments, and am happy to recommend Amie to others." - E.S.


   "Amie was very professional and attended to the areas that I indicated were in need of extra work. Amie is pleasant and very interested in satisfying her clients. The only downside for me is that the studio is on the 3rd floor and with my hip problem it was hard for me to climb the stairs. I would recommend her services to anyone is need of a strong massage." - P.W.


   "Thoroughly enjoyed another excellent deep tissue massage by Amie. Highly recommend her and the convenience of the in-home massage is wonderful. I've already booked my next appointment." - R.C. 


    "I have been going to Amie for about a year now. Started with a Groupon coupon and have continued as a regular customer. She's good at addressing the knots in my shoulder and neck. It's great that she can come to my house with my busy schedule. Makes it convenient and I can get my deep tissue massage and get my relief." - D.S.


    "Amie has been my massage therapist for over a year now and I have always been thoroughly pleased with her service. She has a unique way of targeting problem areas and is extremely knowledgeable about her massage therapy. She is also a great resource for nutritional advice. She is professional, punctual and very accommodating to her clients' busy schedules. Highly recommed her services!" - C.C.


    "My massage with Amie at A Refined Touch was so beneficial I purchased the a 10 session package and scheduled a nutrition consultation. I have M.S. and for the first time in many months I left with some of the feeling in my feet. It was a great experience with a professional, compassionate and thoroughly pleasant therapist. I highly recommend her." - R.D.

     "I recently had my first 90 minute prenatal massage (but not first massage) with Amie at A Refined Touch and WOW! I am never disappointed. I finally decided to make an investment in my health and bought a 5 session package. Let me tell you, not only is the pricing of this package a great value, but I am that confident with Amie and her expertise. I have used several massage therapists over the past decade and pleased to say that Amie is at the top of that list! Keep up the great work!" - M.P.

    "I really needed the massage Amie did a great job. Glad I purchase 2 of the for my package. I will definitely go back for a relaxing hour."
    "Great massage by Amie and love the in-home service, Huge time saver, very convenient. I will use them again. It's great for a "work at home" day!" - K.S.


    "Amie was fantastic - would absolutely recommend her! She's did a wonderful job - excellent massage and I'll see her again as soon as possible." - T.P.

    "Best massage ever! Amie was professional, kind, and truly cared about my issues. I was impressed and would recommend A Refined Touch to anyone." - A.K. 


    "This was one of the best massages I have ever had. My service was a deep tissue one and I was not disappointed. I hope to have another one soon. Added bonus -- in home service!" - D.S.

    "After my experience here, I have decided to make a conscious effort to rejuvenate once in awhile. It is indeed well worth it to invest in health and well-being. A Refined Touch must be part of our lifestyle!" - J.N.


    "The massage was terrific, Amie really worked out some stress, I had. I would recommend 'Refined Touch" to anyone looking for a great massage." - J.F.


    "I have to start off my review by saying I'm probably every massage therapist's nightmare client - I have a really complicated medical history, my muscles are always in knots, and my whole body hurts so much that I can only stand to be touched in a few certain specific places. It gets so convoluted that past massage therapists literally had me draw on myself so they could keep straight where it was safe to touch me!

"All of that said, Amie has never once complained. Not once. You have no idea how remarkable that is! I've had many, many massage therapists over my lifetime. She is the absolute first to never complain & always, always greets me with a smile. Even with as complex as my problems are, I've only had to explain it once & she has remembered everything. I can't even do that half the time!!
Also, I'm really grateful I don't have to draw on myself anymore. :) No matter what, I can trust that Amie has it all sorted out & taken care of!

"The bottom line is, Amie is amazing! She's absolutely one in a million. Kind, patient, punctual, intelligent, friendly, unique, funny, wise beyond her years and astoundingly gifted at her chosen profession. I count myself as truly fortunate & blessed to have found her!
"Trust me, you won't be disappointed!" - H.L.



    "Enjoyed this in home massage with massage therapist, Amie.   I was a bit skeptical about purchasing an in home service from a company I did not know and for such a good Specialicious price.  I booked through their online tool and received an email confirmation.  Amie arrived promptly for the appt time and introduced herself and presented her business cards and service sheet.  I completed a brief history form, and she was set up and ready to go.  She is very professional, pleasant, and informative.   The coupon was for a 60 minute but I was able to upgrade for a longer massage.   She works the muscles very well and constantly asks if the  pressure is good.   She gave me a great foot treatment, complete with creams!   The travel was included in this massage and I did not have to drive anywhere afterwards.  I booked my next appt and got $20 off the next service.   I definitely recommend Amie." - L.L.

    “Amie provides the right massage to help heal sore backs and shoulders. Trained in various massage techniques she applies the right technique to address the root cause of the pain, relieving pain and gaining range of motion. Her training and knowledge in nutrition enables her to complement her massage with insightful eating suggestions to support the body.” - V.C.

       "Contacted a Refined Touch to schedule a massage for my wife and I.  Amie was very accomodating, even on short notice.  She offered to come to us, be we opted to visit her studio. We both received excellent massages.  Amie was very thorough and informative.  Although our first visit was primarily for relaxation purposes and a birthday/Valentine's Day gift, I look forward to returning to address some of my back/leg issues." - J.T.

        "Amie is terrific. My back went out in the fall and she has been dong my deep tissue massages ever since. It has really made a difference. She will come to your home as well!" - M.W.

        "Amy is excellent and has a true talent in giving a massage. She has helped me recover from emergency surgery and has helped reduce my stress level. I purchased the 5 massage package deal and it is well worth it. Every two weeks, this full time working mom of 2 gets an hour of pure bliss." - M.B. 

        "Wonderful massage and the gentle stretch was a nice touch. I am sure Amy's therapeutic hands attributed to my good nights sleep. The tension in my neck and shoulders was greatly reduced. She will be a regular in my life. I can highly recommend her." - A.E.

        "I look forward to my weekly therapy from Amie. She has tremendously improved the knots and tension in my neck and shoulders. My stress has really reduced because of her attentive care. I highly recommend her!" - M.C. 

        "With such a hectic schedule and long days, my back & body really needed this. Amie has done a wonderful job to help unkink my back. Plus doing this in-home was an added bonus. Thanks Amie! (Highly Recommended) *Just be careful walking on linoleum floors afterwards." - B.R.

        "Amie did an amazing job, felt very relax. She did a great job targeting areas which I needed work. Highly recommend!" - D.P.

        "Amie does a great job targeting the areas that need the most attention. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and has a good technique. I always feel very relaxed at the end of the massage. She also does some stretching at the end of the massage which is very beneficial. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing a good massage therapist." - M.L. 

        "This was one of the best massages I've had, and all in he comfort of my own home. Amie is very nice, good energy and a great massage therapist. Havent felt his good in years. Highly recommended." - K.A.








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